Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

Chord Saint of my life "SID"

good night good night my little angel
good night good night my little ones
spread your wings and
       D                   G
fly away to your dreams
when you're sleep, I'm on your side
when you're awake, I'll be your still
                   C             D           G
close your eyes put a smile on your face

Don't be scared cause
 C       G                        D
I'll be there to hold you tight
                 E                      C
you're the king you're the queen
                  G             D
you're the Saint of my life
                 E             C            G                  D
when the world is trembling down don't you cry
                         E           C
cause there's nothing nothing
        G                D
that will keep us apart
C             B
aaa aaa aaaaa
sing with me my little darling
sing along to this lullabies
               C                    D
take the moon kiss the stars
so goodnight....

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